Monday, April 30, 2012

All Things Pink...

Remember how I said that I have a  pretty awesome neighborhood?

Well, I do.

One of our friends is about to have her first baby, a girl! So a group of us put together a neighborhood shower for her. I just had to document all the cuteness. My friends are very talented and super crafty. I can only take credit for the donuts and some appetizers. But Melissa made this incredible butterfly cake, Jamie made these delish Oreo truffles and Camila did the rest which included the invitations, butterfly mobile, baby sign, party favors, pasta salad, home made rolls, home made mints and slush drink. She was an incredible host.

And because we live in such a fun neighborhood, we had such a good turn out. Every one was so nice to bring something for Lisa even if this was the first time meeting her.

And the fun part. Gifts gifts gifts!
And look at what a cute pregnant woman Lisa makes.

Best wishes to Lisa and her family. Can't wait to finally meet baby girl.


AJ and Cindy said...

cute! what a fancy shower :) I wanna move to your side of the neighborhood!