Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend

I forget how much I enjoy conference and maybe that's because I'm so excited we don't have to go to church and worry about your calling and we can lounge around in our jammies all day long. Oh it's the best. For the past couple of years...since my dad passed actually, I haven't watched conference very well. That could very well be because it's a hard time of year. As my dad was passing, we had conference on the TV playing in his hospital room. It really is a tender time, however it was in the past 2 years that I really needed to hear the words from our Prophet and church leaders. Why was I putting it off? This year, I made a personal goal to listen to conference as much as I could. We did, and it was wonderful.
Saturday morning we watched conference in between running, chores and grocery shopping. During the break we hung out with some members of our neighborhood and finished watching the second session that day.
I thought it would be fun to get together with my sisters and go get a pedicure. We don't hang out too often so I am happy that they all said yes. My mom went with us too, but she said she was too old to get anything done to her feet. We'll get he to join us next time.
The massage and hot wet towels over your legs is my favorite. 

Following our pedicures we decided to go get dinner just as priesthood session was starting. 
I have just have to note that I love Luke so much. He was able to take Spencer to the Priesthood session with him because my brother had to work. What a great uncle and example he is. I love that Luke never misses the opportunity to go. Last year we were camping with my family and it was the first time that he didn't go since we have been married. He mentioned later on that he just didn't feel right missing Priesthood session that night. He says at times it can be very boring and that Spencer was board out of his mind this time, but he is always glad that he goes. After the session, he took Spencer out to dinner. Such great guys.
Sunday morning we woke up at 9! It was heavenly to sleep in on a Sunday morning. The three of us laid in bed and watched conference for about an hour before we decided to peel ourselves out of bed to eat. The night before we prepared sticky buns to have in the morning. They were so good. Oliver chose cereal instead.
 The rest of conference was perfect. We weren't too strict on having Oliver watch, except for when President Monson was speaking. It was perfect when He spoke about Obedience (found here) because we have been really trying to focus on obedience with Oliver.
Other talks that I really enjoyed were "The Words We Speak" by Rosemary Wixom. It was just what I needed to hear to help me become a better mom and to be a good influence on Oliver. I loved this quote: "How we speak to our children and the words we use can encourage and uplift them and strengthen their faith to stay on the path back to Heavenly Father. They come to this earth ready to listen."
simply love that.
My favorite talk was Elder L.Whitney Clayton's "Marriage:Watch and Learn" There is not a single part of that talk that I did not love. If you didn't get the chance to hear it, you totally need to...LDS or not. Conference really was wonderful, but really, when is it not?
 That night we decided to stay home and enjoyed a hot dog and marshmallow roast. It was a perfect evening to have a fire and just enjoy our little family of three.