Monday, April 22, 2013

While the parents are away...

...These kids will play.
 Trent and Amy headed to California to run in the SoCal Ragnar this past weekend. Luke and I got to watch their kids while they were away. It was a crazy crazy weekend, but we all had so much fun.

Thursday night we had soccer games for the boys and Oakley. They each scored a goal for their winning teams and the final score for both teams were 6-2. They wanted me to make sure that I mentioned that.
Thursday night we had some visitors. Jodi, Clay and Hallie stopped by to have dinner with us. It was so fun to visit with them and the kids loved playing with Hallie

Goof balls.

 Friday after school we stopped by Luke's work to visit. Whenever we go to visit, the kids usually make a poster for Grandpas door. Since he was also running at Ragnar we made him a team BONK! poster. I helped them make some runners but they named them. They decided to make Mike the distressed runner.

 Saturday morning was chuck full of soccer games. All six kids had a game and luckily, they were every hour from 9-12 so we were able to go to every ones game.
The boys were first. I love watching them and they are getting so good.
Supporting each other in the rain
 Paige and Morgan were up next. Luke took them and we met up with them after the boys game was over. He said that they got on the field, Paige scored a goal and they called it quits. It was freezing and pouring.

Up next, Oliver 
This was his first soccer game. We were all guessing what color his team would be. None of us thought it would be green.

And it went exactly as we thought a 4 year old soccer game would go. It was funny.
And finally Oakley. She kicked some serious soccer balls. A lady on the opposing team said to me "Wow that girl is so tiny, but she is a such a fierce player". I have to agree.

After soccer, we were all hungry and so we took a little trip to McDonald's. We had such a big group so Luke was a good sport and ate alone at the neighboring table. I think he secretly enjoyed it.
 That night we took the kids to the nickel cade. They each got their own cup of nickels and they got to spend them however they wanted. They finally found a game that was fun and gave them a lot of tickets.
Ticket counting machine 
 Picking out their prizes. This took about half an hour and they mostly ended up picking candy.
They were already talking about going the next time and how they are going to save up all their nickels. 
Saturday night we decided to go rent a movie. 4 of the kids wanted to go with me so we loaded up and headed down the hill. The kids saw that I had my wallet with me and started to ask why we need a drivers license. I told then that you have to have one to drive and that if you get pulled over by a police man, they will check to make sure that you have it. Not even a minute later I spotted a cop. We saw each other as he was passing me and then I saw him flip around and follow me. I told the kids that I thought I was about to get pulled over so I told them to sit flat on their butts and to be good. They were really good. The cop pulled us over for having too dark of tint on the car. I was so scared that he was going to ticket me for not having any of these tiny kids in boosters. Luckily I got off with just a warning and these kids got a first hand experience as to why we have drivers licenses.

And finally on Sunday we all got ready to go to our church because of mine and Luke's callings. The kids were excited to go to primary with me. I had practiced singing time with them and they wanted to do it again. By the third hour, we were all done and keeping them entertained and quiet was hard.
  After church we headed to "Rocket Park" for a picnic and to let the kids burn some energy. It was perfect.
The kids chicken fought and it was so funny.
Luke also played tag with them for about an hour. They loved it and then he bounced them all on the flobby bridge. I loved sitting back and watching them. Bless Luke for entertaining them.

That night, Trent and Amy got home and Luke, Oliver and I headed home. It was so quiet being in our own home and I genuinely missed not having all six kids. I've said it before, but I sure do love those little squirts as if they were my own.