Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senior Presentation

Luke had his Senior presentation today. This is kind of a big deal. As engineers, they have to come up with an actual project to present in front of their professors and fellow class mates. They have to dress up, present their power points, they are asked questions about their project and they are given a grade on it by the judges. Luke was also chosen as the session chair for his group (which is pretty much conducting the session). After all the engineers have presented which is done through out the day, there is a banquet that evening. I was so happy to be able to hear him present and to join him at dinner that day. We had a good time at the dinner, but we Luke was so ready to be done after such a long day. In total, he heard 9 presentation. As we were leaving, Luke thanked the professor that was over their project. She informed us that she nominated Luke to receive one of the 5 best project presenters awards. He didn't win, but I think being nominated by your professor is a  pretty big deal.
So proud to be hanging on the arm of this guy. Next up, graduation!!!!