Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break St. George/Vegas Style

This is what our spring break in St. George looked like...
...But let me break it down for you. 
Early Monday morning we loaded up the kids in Emily's van and Amy's behemoth and headed down to sunny St. George.
Oliver and I rode with Emily and it was such a nice drive all the way down. The kids were so great and super quiet.
We stopped in Fillmore to grab a bite to eat. Look at all those kids.
Once we got there and settled in, it was dinner time. The kids had pizza and the adults went to Benjas...minus Amy, she stayed and worked and we brought her back some non sushi food. 

The following morning was so nice. Emily and Holly went on their morning walk while Amy and I watched the masses and when they got back, we traded so that we could go running. It worked out perfectly every morning.
It was hot but it felt fantastic.
 And while we were away, these two got the waffles started.
 Amy lead us in a nice Nike work out and we closed with Emily teaching us how to leap. It was pretty fun.
Later that day wen went to the Crack. A St. George must. Best part was hearing Amy go through the crack for her first time. Oh the squealing and panic. She was terrified to say the least and if I wasn't squeezing through right behind her, she would have gone back. She made it through just fine though and finally concord the crack.
This little poser cracks me up.
For lunch we headed to the new Chick-Fil-A. I love me the chicken salad sandwich.
Following lunch we rounded up the gang and went to "Awesome" park which Sarah perfectly named.
Why awesome?
Just check out these playground toys...
The adults had a good time too.
Later that night this happened...
Holly said she would give us each $100.00 dollars each if we jumped in the pond and grabbed a golf ball. Emily and I darted right out on that golf course. While we were in that disgusting duck poop filled pond, a golfer tee-ed off and the ball landed in the water about 1 foot away from Emily. I didn't have such luck and I had to half way dunk my head in and get a ball in the deeper part of the pond. I think we were both had...we never got paid.
One of the nights, I took all the kids to the golf course to play some night games. They were dying to go out there and play.
Red rover
 Hands up stands up
 Grandmas underpants
The following day we headed to Vegas with everyone to meet Mandi and spend the day with her and her cute kids.
She was nice enough to let us swim in her pool for hours.
This little guy got in the hot tub and didn't realize he couldn't reach. He also didn't have any floaties so he was pretty much flailing under water. I saw him and ran to pull him out but luckily Paige and Morgan were in there and helped him. His first words right out of the water were "Phew, that was close".
Of course when we are in Vegas we have to go to Raising Canes.
We headed back for more swimming before heading back to St. George. All the kids loved visiting Vegas.
The rest of the time the kids played around the house and Emily, Amy and I were even able to break away and go shopping (thanks Holly).
Before we left we had lunch at the park. Let's just say that getting lunch for 13 people is no easy task.

Holly kept them busy though. They played at the park and lucky for them the water was on at the park.
Amy...love her. I mean look at her moves. Who wouldn't love all of that.
And I love all these kids. Such personalities. (I mean just look at Oakley)
I am so glad that I have these three to look up to. Such great women.

Aiden caught me and Amy at our finest.
I loved our spring Break vacation.
Chaos and all.


Mindy said...

I love so much of this, I don't even know where to start. Amy's moves, you jumping in to get a golf ball, how cute you all are in your swimsuits, the "that one was close" incident... love it all!