Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 Months

(Briony was in the middle of crying in this picture and Milo couldn't stay sitting up)

At two months Briony and Milo are:
-Sleeping on average of 4 hours a night. They have gone 5 hours a couple of times.
-Wearing 0-3 month clothes
-Milo weighs more than Briony, but we're not sure how much until their doctors appointment coming up at the end of the week
-Milo is in size 1 diapers. He is getting big.
-Briony is still in new born diapers, but we are almost out of those so she'll soon be in size ones as well
-Milo eats about 5 ounces on average
-Briony eats about 3 1/2 on average
-Milo has gotten a lot better about not crying
-Briony has started crying a little more, but shes still a good baby
-They both love the swings
-When they eat, they still keep their tongues on the roof of their mouth so it still takes a few minutes to get them latched
-Briony now spits up more than Milo. Clearly he is loving his food.
-Briony snorts when she cries and Milo whimpers. We can certainly tell their cries apart now
-Their nails grow super fast
-They don't mind having baths
-Milo smiles more than Briony. There have been a couple of times where we have been talking to Milo and he has smiled at us.
-Their eye lashes are now noticeable and i love seeing them grow long
-Briony is such an alert baby. She has a piercing stare and sometimes furrows her eyebrows when you talk to her as if she was thinking you were crazy. I love it.
-Oliver is convinced that they love having the music on in the car...he may just be right because every time they cry in the car and I turn the music on, they stop.
-They toot all the time
-They love being snuggled
-Went from sleeping with 2 blankets and a beanie to just 1 blanket a no beanie
- Milo gets sweaty all the time even with just a light muslin blanket. He is just like Luke and Oliver in that sense.
-We have taken them out in public and to families homes more often...but still not very much
-They are both happy babies and we love watching them get bigger and fatter everyday

I really can't believe that it has been 2 months since they arrived. We love them so much and love having them both in our family. Soon we'll be blessing them and taking them out more and more as it gets warmer outside. We have been pretty paranoid about taking them out in fear that they might get sick. I'm sure our families and friends are sick of it, but as long as they stay healthy, that's all I care about.