Sunday, May 10, 2015

All things Briony

Briony. She is pretty great.
She is full of spunk and determination.
She is not scared of much and will push her trying to climb off the couch.
 She has the cutest curly hair. On the days that I actually do her hair, she usually sports a bow that she surprisingly never pulls out.
She loves her dad so much and when he comes home from work, she practically leaps our of my arms and into his.
 She sleeps fiercely and still does it with a wad of blanket in her mouth every time

She doesn't like to be bothered. Milo beats up on her quite a bit and she lets him know how she feels about it.
She loves looking at herself in the mirror. I think she thinks it must be her sister playing with her...that, or she is already a vain little lady. 

She is a sweet girl most of the time
And can be totally content playing with one little toy...or leaf.

 She still crosses her fingers. A gesture that I think is the sweetest.
She is my girl...
...and I love her so so much!