Monday, May 11, 2015

All things Milo

This boy has been my busiest boy. He is the sweetest but holy smokes he is so curious.
He loves to climb up onto the couch all by himself. He's pretty proud of himself.

Sometimes when he's made it, he likes to relax just like this. 
 If he could have his way, he would nap with a binkie every time, but we quickly caught on and put a stop to that. He no longer has access to them.
 He loves to play. Like I mentioned, he is so curious so playing with toys is a favorite...especially toys that aren't really toys.
He loves the squirt bottle.
 He loves to explore.
 A new found favorite is playing with dirt. I don't know if these plants will survive hurricane Milo.
 He is mostly happy all the time

He really likes to tease Briony. I think it's his way of trying to play with her and showing her that he loves her.
Even though at times she may not show it.

 He is so proud of himself for standing on his own and taking his first steps. We are proud of you too, Milo.
Love you, Milo Man. You are truly amazing!