Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dear Mother, All Flowers, Remind me of You.

I love this day. I love that I get to celebrate all things mother. From those that have bourn children, to those who love and nurture them.
I know this day is sensitive to many around me. I have been a recipient of the sensitivity to this day when it took years to get Oliver here and even more years to get Briony and Milo here. I know what it's like to feel the pain on this day, but I am so blessed to also know the beauty of it. In sacrament meeting, there was a talk given about Mothers day and I was so touched by it and the way this brother had made sure to include all the women in the congregation. He included a quote that I loved. He said "Some women give birth and raise children but never “mother” them. Others, whom I love with all my heart, “mother” all their lives but have never given birth."
 -Patricia T. Holland: Becoming Women of Greater Faith in Christ
Below I have a picture of me with my mom on my birth day. Isn't my mom so beautiful. And then two of the most incredible moments of my life, The birth of my own children.
Oliver has always been such a great kid And I love that he is my first born. His gift to me was this card that he made at school with his teacher. He was right on with most of his answers.
 At church we got some M&M's from the Young men, temple bracelets from the Young Women (not shown) and thump print necklaces from the primary. Luke surprised me with a couple of Hasta plants that I have been wanting. It was perfect.

That night we stayed home and had bacon wrapped hot dogs over the fire and some of our favorite neighbors joined us and brought delicious chocolate cake. This was also so perfect and so low key. Just what I wanted.
I am so grateful that I was able to have children after all. It took a lot of work and faith and prayers and I am so thankful that I that I was given this role and responsibility of being their mom. 

"Life, every life, every heart beat began with a mom.
Who willingly accepted a divine roll, a thankless job, a sticky, sleepless, soul stretching career
for 9 months 90 months 90 years?
She taught us right from wrong, left from right, baking soda from baking powder.
She slept little and worried much.
She laughed, lathered, rinsed and repeated...and repeated
Who taught us to love God, to love others, to love ourselves?
Who prayed with us, who prayed for us, who read to us, who taught us what the words meant?
It was Mom.
Who's the champion, the cheerleader, the chief inspiring officer? Who was the queen of bedtime, dinner time, holidays, holy days, early mornings, late nights, music lessons, life lessons and everything we cling to with all our hearts?
it was
it is 
and will forever be, Mom."
-It was Mom: A Mothers Day Tribute to Moms.