Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

Oliver had his graduation today! It was so much fun to see what they have been working on all year and to see him interact with his classmates.
(side note: the girl that he thinks is a cutie is standing to next to him fixing her hat)

They put on such a great little program complete with singing and dancing. Luke and I were loving Oliver dancing with his hands in his pockets. We just know that when they actually did this in class that he was a rump shakin and booty bouncing making all his friends laugh. That's just Oliver. Get him in front of an audience of parents and he hold back a little.  
Receiving his diploma.

His teach Miss Wilkinson was so great to him. I just know he is going to miss his classmates and his teacher.
He did it!

Congratulations Oliver. We love you so much!