Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ensign Peak Hike

We wanted to do something fun to kick off the start of summer and the last day that Oliver had school. On a whim, we found another back pack, got some dinner packed and headed to Salt Lake to go on a hike.
Our choice was Ensign Peak. It was a short easy hike with a fantastic view, I worried about how much Oliver would enjoy this, but the whole way up he was having such a great time.
Rest stop for the boys.
 Reaching that windy top and having dinner.

 Goodness, how I love my family.

We wish we could have stayed long enough to see the sun set, but this was pretty amazing enough. I joked that Oliver looked like Smeigle hiding on the trail in this picture.
Me and Bee

Love my people.
On the way down, Oliver said that this was the best day he's had because it was the last day of school and because we got to go on a hike as a family. That right there was just what I wanted it to be.
Happy summer!