Monday, June 15, 2015

Ready to Run

Remember how in my goals I said that I was hating running? Well I think I am finally turning over that leaf and starting to like it...not love it, not just yet, but I am getting there.
Trying to avoid running injuries at all costs so this time around, I am taking it slow and making sure to stretch before and after.
And I have the best running partners anyone could ask for. They push me and are really good at sitting there quietly so I can focus on the run.
Getting sweat in my eyes when I really pushed super hard this day.

They hardly ever need me but when they do they just knock on the sides on the stroller. Bee figured out that if she does this then she can get my attention and thought that was pretty fun.
 I try to run alone on Saturdays since these are my longer days and since Luke is home to watch the kids. This morning I had only planned on running 4 miles and because I was loving the rain so much and this alone time, I ran an extra 2. It was my best and most fun run yet, but I was sopping wet when I got home.

Again, these two being so good. Usually after my run, they are so relaxed that when I put them down for their nap, they go right to sleep. It's a win win for every one.

Getting better, but man, running is hard.

Stretching is always their favorite part. They just love to play with my watch, ear bugs, shoes, glasses and anything else they can get those little hands on.

Recovering from a cold wet run with a Rock Star.
Retreating from the wind and allergies out side and running in the dungeon.
 I was pretty much a sweaty mess. And I loved it.
Memorial day run around B town. I ran about 6 miles and ran up Val Verda which I call the Bitch, because man, that hill totally is a bitch.
 It was awesome!
Getting better.

Since school has been out, running at 9 is nearly impossible. Plus, it's super hot by then to go running with two babies in tow. This particular run was at night, alone and it was so much fun.


 And here we are, Ragnar week.
Hoping everything goes well. I've had some great runs and some terrible runs where I just want to throw up and stop, but I think I'm ready. We'll see. I have the easiest legs so I shouldn't have a problem, but you never know what awesome adventures can happen to you at Ragnar.
Here's to running and hoping that my like someday turns back into love. I think we're getting really close.