Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Bit of Biking

So, This spring/summer, I wanted to get into something else other than running. I thought that if I did something different along with running, that I might enjoy exercising a bit more.
So I tried biking.
 It started with spinning. After going to a few different classes, I finally found one that I totally fell in love with. The instructor was so awesome and her music was pretty great too. If you know me, you know that music plays a big role in my life and so a work out class with good music was something that just did it for me.
And then these crazy ladies introduced me to real riding. Since I didn't have a bike of my own or anything that has to do with biking, I borrowed everything from Luke, and AJ.
Good thing I'm man size.
Our first ride we went out and did 20 miles. It was so much fun and I was instantly hooked.
 Second ride. Luke bought me a helmet and I still borrowed his shorts, We did 32 that day and I could feel it. Kim and Amy are awesome.
On this ride we muddies our backsides and we were trying to get a picture of it, but as you can see, there is nothing to see.
Still spinning. I look forward to this class every week. I even brought a few friends along. Too bad we can't take a good selfie though.

Amy is pretty hard core. She introduced me to the 4th North climb today and the Blvd. We official named it the filthy fourth. 13 miles later, an incredibly memorable tip over from Amy and helmet hair later, we were done.
Another ride. 18ish miles and right before Amy's big Century ride at Little Red.
Trending with the socks and sandals.
This is where things get official.
My good friend Bob has been looking around for a good bike for me. I trust him because he knows so much about cycling and does it quit a bit himself.
He called me one day telling me that he found me the perfect bike for a pretty sweet deal. Of course it was an awesome deal and after driving to Highland and testing out this new beauty, I officially became a new owner of a road bike complete with my own shoes. I was so STOKED!
 So a couple days later, Amy and I went on a test ride. It was perfect!
Welcome to the family.

 Thank you thank you to AJ for allowing me to use his bike and shoes for weeks and weeks. Bob for helping me find this bike and giving me bike maintenance lessons. Amy and Kim J. for introducing me to such a fun sport and of course, Luke for putting up with my shenanigans and supporting me in my silly dreams.