Tuesday, November 25, 2008

About Kim

I know that the 101 things about you post has been done for a long time. I was actually working on mine and then I had a baby and forgot about it. So after a few months, here's mine...

1.Hearing the sound of someone clipping their nails makes me cringe. I’m always scared that one will hit me.
2. I really like my feet even though I have spoon toes
3. I am scared to cut my hair in fear that I will look like a boy.
4. I recently decided that I prefer Coke over Pepsi.
5. I love the fall. The perfect word to describe the fall to me is CRISP.
6. The color green is my favorite with orange at a close second.
7. I am always cold even in the summer time. I hate it.
8. I love love love to take long hot showers.
9. When eating chips I like to eat the folded chips more. I think they always taste better.
10. I wish that I had that natural beauty to go makeup less
11. I feel that I am so lucky to have such great in-laws. I love them all.
12. If I could play any instrument it would be the classical guitar.
13. I am fascinated by tap dancing. My favorite tap scene is from “Singing in the Rain” where Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner tap dance to Moses Supposes.
14. I just discovered how much more capable I am of loving someone the moment I met Oliver.
15. Music is incredibly important to me. So many memories of mine are tied to music.
16. I love discovering a new song
17. I hate running, but I do like how I feel and look as a result of it.
18. My favorite ice cream is Pink Bubble Gum from Baskin Robbins.
19. I have worn my 4 toe rings for about 8 years.
20. I am a sucker for good table manners
21. I eat really slow
22. I feel that I look better when I am tan.
23. I prefer the smell of mens deodorant over cologne
24. I also like the smell of paint, new carpet and permanent markers, Coffee, Play dough, and vanilla.
25. I have shaved my arms ever since I was in 7th grade. I really don’t like hairy arms on me.
26. I deeply miss visiting my family in Mexico especially my Grandma.
27. I wish I had more of a contagious laugh like Lukes. My laugh is pretty boring.
28. I am a day dreaming fool.
29. Ever since I was little I can remember having the oddest dreams ever.
30. Being barefoot is my favorite…
31. …but if I had to wear shoes I prefer my Havaianas.
32. I have a fear of whales and every time I see the whales eye come out of the water in the movie “Castaway” I get real anxious.
33. I like warm rainy days
34. My biggest fear is losing someone I love.
35. I hiccup at least once a day every single day.
36. Everything tastes better with lime especially cucumbers and steak.
37. If I had the talent to do so I think that working in a Broadway musical would be the best job ever.
38. I want to be a better cook someday
39. I have to clean the rim of any canned drink before I drink out of it- I know, I have a bit of OCD
40. I also have to tap the can a few times before I open it- Luke absolutely hates it.
41. I enjoy reading a good book the most with a blanket in the cold or when I’m laying out in the sun.
42. One of my favorite things about camping is sitting around the campfire at night.
43. Ever since I met Luke I have enjoyed camping so much more. The Veigels really know how to camp.
44. I love watching movies in the comfort of my own home better then going to the theater.
45. The sweetest thing ever is when a baby or small child cuddles with you.
46. My favorite drink is Horchata
47. I really don’t like it when someone sees me cry.
48. And worse then that I hate it when someone sees me crying and asks if I’m crying.
49. Luke is the one that makes me laugh the most
50. I started to get gray hair this year. Thank goodness for hair dye.
51. I can keep a secret.
52. I believe that the right side of my body is cursed. Every injury from broken bones to surgeries to cuts and weaknesses always occur on the right side of my body.
53. I wish that I could use my Spanish more.
54. I am scared of the ocean and the many unknown things in its waters.
55. I hate mushrooms
56. I am the most ticklish on my collar bones
57. Karina is one of my best girlfriends. She is one of the few people that knows so much about me and my past it’s scary.
58. My parents are amazing people. They both have the most interesting stories I have ever heard of their upbringing and the lives they have lived.
59. I have a hard time with the color pink. I just don’t like it.
60. I am one of those people who eats corn on the cob with mayo, cheese, and pepper like in the movie “Nacho Libre”
61. I am a night owl. I feel the most alive and awake late at night.
62. I don’t particularly like S’mores instead I like Roasting Starbursts over the fire.
63. I love swimming pools and hope to have one someday.
64. One of my guilty pleasures is reality TV. Survivor is my fav.
65. Waking me up from a nap is never a good idea.
66. I once punched my Dad in the face when he tried to wake me up. Of course I didn’t know I had until the next morning.
67. I enjoy watching and participating in sporting events more then my husband.
68. I am very competitive
69. I hate losing.
70. If it wasn’t so fattening I could drink whole milk everyday.
71. I hate spiders and flies and pretty much any insect
72. I broke my arm the first time I tried snowboarding and haven’t tried it again ever since.
73. I broke my foot playing basketball my freshmen year in high school and I was out for just about the whole season.
74. I haven’t ever had chicken enchiladas that I’ve liked.
75. My favorite flowers are Gerber daisies.
76. I love dancing but I haven’t done it since I’ve been married.
77. I would love to be more fashionable
78. I was a really fat baby
79. My parents entered me in a baby pageant when I was little and I won first place for the “healthiest baby”. Ever since they have called me their chubby champion.
80. I really like soft chocolate chip cookies minus the chips.
81. I love laughing so hard that it makes my face hurt and my eyes water. There’s nothing like a good laugh.
82. My first kiss was when I was 14. My lips burned for days after.
83. I love winter accessories like beanies, scarfs and gloves.
84. I like how shaggy hair and dreadlocks look, but it has to be well taken care of. If I were a guy I’d have dreads.
85. I love getting warm towels or blankets out of the dryer and just being engulfed in them.
86. My favorite kind of gum in Grape Bubblicious, but I can’t ever find it anywhere.
87. I miss watching old TV shows like the ones I grew up with. “Salute your shorts”, “Hey Dude”, “Merry Melodies”, “Fragle rock” and “ You can’t do that on Television” Just to name a few.
88. I like decorating with antiques and rustic looking things.
89. I want to experience living out of state someday.
90. When I was little I use to sneak flour out of the flour bin and eat it…no wonder I was fat.
91. I appreciate a strong firm hand shake. Weak flimsy ones creep me out.
92. My right foot is slightly bigger then my left but it isn’t bad enough to have to get 2 different shoe sizes.
93. My finger nails have to be cut short, although I do like the look of fake nails but it’s just not my thing.
94. I believe that you should never pass up the opportunity to compliment someone.
95. I have a small collection of miniature perfume bottles.
96. I’m not good with indoor plants. I always forget to water them and end up killing them. I do have an Aloe Vera plant that has lived over a year so I think I’m getting better.
97. My sister in laws make the best food. Taleeshas deserts, Amys dinners, Emilys pretzel salad, and any salad of Beckys. They are just so great!
98. Ive lived in Utah my entire life and have only been skiing once…How sad.
99. I love photography
100. Any type of potato's are my favorite/comfort food.
101. I love the chaos of being with my family. We may fight and argue and really annoy each other and can be really loud, but we still love one another a lot.

If you still like me after reading all the strange things about me, then thank you.


Amy said...

Nice. I am glad you did the list. Loved everything on it and I love that picture of you. And you are naturally pretty and you don't need makeup. I don't know what you are thinking!

Karina said...

Okay, so I dont think I have been that entertained in a long time.. I loved reading your list!! But I think I seriously could comment on all 101 of them... I dont think I will do that but here are a few...

#15, I think ALL of my memories with you are tied to music in some way... "sugar" lol
#19, I was just noticing that the other day... hey, she has been wearing those same toe rings she was wearing back when we first met!! Ryan made me stop wearing mine :(
#57, DITTO!
#81, I love times like that too, and Im so glad I have a good friend that I can do that with. I honestly think that some of my hardest laughs have been with you!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

It was so fun reading your list. I need to get to know you better-we have a lot in common! I loved the singing in the rain reference. That's one of my favorite movies. I also love that you introduced us to the beauty of the lime. We use them all the time now! I also love the picture of you--you really are beautiful! -B

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Fun to read. If your ever need advice on living out of state, give us a call.

Julie said...

I love the mens deodorant bit...I agree completely!

clay and jordan said...

Your list rocks! I also have to tap my soda can before I open it and Clay thinks it's the strangest thing ever.

I need to make a list of all the things on YOUR list that I want to talk to you about next time we see each other. Like 'Salute Your Shorts' - I LOVED that show!!

Miss you guys!