Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year was the first year ever that Luke and I stayed home to pass out candy. Thanks to Amy, we had the best candy around. FULL SIZE candy bars.

Luke and I didn't really know what to dress up as, so Luke put on his Mexican shirt and sombrero, I put on...well my normal clothes and we called it good. We were a couple of Mexicans. It was easy and didn't cost a thing.
Here I am with my sweet little baby and Moose. Poor Moose always feels a little left out so he had to sneak into this shot.
Isn't he the cutest little Mummy you've ever seen? This was the best costume for a and easy except for when we had to change his diaper.
Here I am as a mommy mummy with my baby mummy at the Jensen's Halloween party. I found this costume a little uncomfortable and it was hard to wrap myself so that's why we just did something else Halloween night.
We hope everyone had such a fun and safe Halloween.


Amy said...

I actually love your costumes and if they are free they are that much better! Little Oliver is so darn cute and I am glad someone used our candy otherwise I would have eaten it all!!!

Eliza said...

He is the absolute cutest mummy I have EVER seen, what a cute idea.

Felicia H. said...

Oliver is growing so fast! You all looked cute in your costumes.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Such a cute little Mummy! We feel so sad that we haven't met him yet. I thought you and Luke's costumes were great. At least you dressed up! After figuring out costumes for the kids, I rarely have time/money/creativity to do it for us!

Maeve said...

i am dying over the baby mummy! how cute!!

Anonymous said...

Luke this is for you:

Very cute costumes! Can't wait to meet the little mummy.

Karina said...

I love that you guys dressed up as mexicans!!! lol!
Oliver is so cute and I love his costume, you are so creative!!!

Kelly and Stacey said...

You are the cutest mummies and mexicans I've ever seen. Poor little Moose. His life will never be the same again.