Friday, November 14, 2008

NERF toys and BAKER boys

Last night all 4 of the Baker boys came over to play for a few hours. At first I was the only one watching them so we watched a Little bit if Wallace and Grommet. They kept asking when Luke would be home because they know that when Luke's around they'll be able to play with the Nerf guns and they know that Luke will build them the coolest fort. So 8:30 came along and Luke walked in the door. The boys started cheering that Luke was home and that's when the fun began.

They all picked their guns and were separated into 2 teams. Spencer and Tayten were on a team with their command post being the fort in the office room and Luke, Kade and Ethan were on another team with their post being in Oliver's room (don't worry-Oliver was with me in the safety zone).

Showing off their weapons of choice

Waiting for the attack

Get Him!!!!

Luke had so much fun with these boys. He can't wait until Oliver can join in on the wars.

Total Chaos

This was my favorite shot of the night. Luke had the younger ones put on their "helmets" Unfortunately we found out that they didn't work out that great when Kade yelled "Oh no He got me in the cheek".

Finally, we cleaned up and settled down for the night. Thanks for such a fun night filled with so many laughs, Baker boys...We'll have to do it again soon.


Amy said...

Looks like a fun crazy night! Did they sleep over too?

Felicia H. said...

They are sooo cute, Luke will be a fun daddy!

Karina said...

Hey why werent we invited to the nerf gun party????

TyandLan said...

I love that you guys get to play with them so much! I'm so jealous!! Looks like so much fun!!

Andy and Kim said...

FUN! What a good auntie and uncle you two are!

Anonymous said...

I love nerf fights. Looks like tons of fun!!