Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Breezy St. Geezy

Last month, we headed down to St. George with our friends Ryan and Karina. It was pretty fun to be down there without kids and acting like kids. Seriously. Ryan and Luke make for some of the funniest conversations. There is also never a dull moment when Ryan is around. He says some pretty dang funny things. I was in tears 2x on this trip because of his weird antics.

So what did we do down there?

We relaxed...
I think everyone had a turn at the yellow blanket.
We did a lot of shopping....and I mean a lot! In total I bought 14 shirts! But most of them were ridiculously discounted. I love a good bargain.

We ate a lot...Don Pedro's, Texas Road house, Nielson's Frozen Custards, Olive Garden, and In and out.

We played games. Settlers of Catan and Domino's...We even played Settlers 3 times in one day. And I can't count how many games of Chicken Foot Domino's those 3 played. I opted out.

Luke, Ryan and Karina looked at some houses. I stayed back at the house and read. Looking at houses is just not my thing...

We also watched some of the first season of Modern of my favorite shows alive.

And of course, going to SG wouldn't be complete without going for morning runs. I always love running down there...always. Enjoying this alone time and doing something that I love was one of the best things about my trip. One morning, it was warm and rainy (47 degrees warm). I had only planned on running a few miles, but I felt so good that I kept going and when I got back, my shirt was drenched and I remember thinking to myself that I felt incredible.

I also love any chance I get to run in these bad boys...

Next time, we'll have to go down in the summer with our kids. Summer in SG may just be on my top 3 look-forwards-to of the summer.

Until next time!


Amy said...

Wish I would have been down there with ya!!! I am jealous of your runs!

Brett And Tiffani said...

sounds fun!