Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red. Pink. Hearts. Love.

We had such a great Valentines.
This is what we did.

The night before, Luke and I had stayed up late and snuck into Oliver's room to
decorate with hearts and reason why we love him written on them. Oliver Loved it.
He came into our room in the morning like he usually does. I asked him if he saw anything different in his room and he whispered "Yeah, there are things on my door." He left and I heard him go back into his room which he usually doesn't (He usually goes to watch cartoons). I got up to see what he was doing and when I walked into his room, He was laying on his bed looking around at all the hearts in his room. He then said "Mom, did you do this?" I told him that his Dad and I did and that we did it because it's Valentines day and that we love his so much. Oliver then got so excited and ran to tell Luke that there were hearts all over his room and to come see. Later in the day we gave Oliver his present. He got rain boots, another Hex Bug, Jammies and a tiny laser gun.

Luke and I:
When I got home from work, I then decorated Luke's side of our room and his closet also with hearts of the many things that I love about him. Oliver helped me put up 1 single heart. He didn't want to do anymore. When Luke came home Oliver was so exited to tell him that there were things on his wall in his room. Luke also loved it. And my favorite was later in the night, walking past our room and seeing  Luke in there looking up at all the hearts and reading them. We decided not to do gifts since we buy a lot of stuff on days that it isn't Valentines. That night we went to the Relief Society activity. They put on a dinner for the women and we got to bring our Husbands or a date....I decided to take my husband this time. We had a great time watching some ward members play the newly wed game and then watching a video that our fellow ward members and friends, the Marujis put on. Following the RS activity, we headed to Orange Leaf...again. If you wonder why we're getting so chubby, it's all Orange Leaf. When we got home, I saw that I too was heart attacked. My amazing Visiting teachers put hearts on my front door with scriptures of love. And I loved it too. Maybe February isn't so bad after all...
And in case you wondered. This is the video that we watched last night. I got a teary eyed in a few spots. 


Hedins said...

What an awesome video! Kudos to whoever did all that work.

AJ and Cindy said...

I love the hearts idea, I may have to steal that for next year. and you looked so beautiful at the dinner, I wish we could have been at the same table to chat more!

Marco y Haydee said...

Cute Idea. Loved the video. Wish oliver was on it more.