Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend around here. We decided to stick around this time which is unusual for us when we have a 4 day weekend.

Oliver and I hang out together most of the day. We met with Luke for lunch which was so nice and we decided to spoil ourselves with some purchases from More of that to come. Friday night we hit up Momentum Climbing for their late night climb. Rita and Terrel joined us. Finally at 2:30AM, we decided to go to bed.

 Lindsay, Amy and I {and kids} ventured on up to Park City to hit up the sales while our husbands were out doing their own thing in the snow. We did good. 

My favorite are these pictures below. We asked an older lady to take a picture of our group. As you can see, she sort of missed Lindsay in the first one, but managed to get some of her in the corner on the next. Ha!
 We shopped, till these girls dropped...

and drooled.

Luke and Oliver went sledding up Big Cottonwood Canyon. They didn't get any pictures, but they did get some video. I love that Oliver is getting old enough to go out and do things with Luke.

The rest of the weekend, we plan on being lazy and catching up on some Zzz's and movies.


Amy said...

Thanks for Saturday. The whole day was fun!

linds said...

yes, thanks for the saturday. it was a great day.