Monday, February 6, 2012

SUPER bowl

The only reason I like it is because it's an excuse for party food.

This year we didn't have much going on. We decided to go hang out with my mom since she was going to be alone. So we bought Pap Murphy's stuffed pizza...the night before of course, had chips and salsa, popcorn, candied almonds, cookies and drinks. It was awesome. The 4 of us hung out watching the game, commercials and halftime show...which I wasn't much impressed with any of it.  My mom and I were cheering for the Patriots and Luke was cheering for the 49ers so he really didn't care who won. Oliver took turns playing with the adults, but mostly with his grandma. He made forts, had so much junk food and played with the camera. Here are some of the pictures he took of our night....

 The game.

 He thought it was so funny to take a picture of Luke's belly.

 I taught him how to hold a camera so that he wouldn't get him fingers in the picture. It worked most of the night.
 I tried to take a nap...
But it didn't last. Wonder why?
 When I tried to take a picture with him, he didn't like it.
 After getting flash after flash in the eyes. The adults were done.
And my personal favorite. Grandma Lili.

Luke and I agreed that was one of the best super bowl parties we have been to.