Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Snowshoe Experience{s}

For the past couple of years, we have been lucky enough to be invited to go with the Jensen's snowshoeing up to the Jensen's family cabin. Unfortunately, I didn't blog about this little experience last year, but fortunately, I found the pictures. So, here goes my dual post of our 2011 and 2012 snowshoeing experience.

Warning, it's going to be a doozy...
2011-We loaded up in the Jensen's Subaru and left all of our kids behind. Before hitting the mountain, we stopped at Cafe Rio to fuel up for our 2.6 mile hike. No pictures.

2012-We loaded up our gear in our Subaru and met Trent, Amy, Doug and Lindsay at REI to do some shopping where we bought a couple last minute things like ski goggles. Following REI, we stopped at Molca Salsa.

2011-We hiked the whole time hardly resting and in the dark. No pictures until we got to the top. The hardest part was the last half mile straight up. Ouch.

Can you see how happy we were to be done?

2012-We took our time getting geared up.

 Trent and Amy were always the first to be ready

Luke and I were always the last

 But Doug and Lindsay were just right.

We made sure to take pictures of our adventure up. For some reason, it took a lot longer and I felt it a lot more and fish tacos were not sitting well.

2011- Arrived at the cabin happy to be there. Unloaded the little items that we had and heated up with a nice hot cup of chocolate. Sat around chatting in front of the fire where we all also slept with loads of blankets. It was heaven.

2012- Happy to be done after that killer climb up. I sware it was longer this year and we had a lot more weight.

This was just our food.
Trent and Amy packed super light with only the essentials.

Doug and Lindsay packed enough food for an entire week including canned drinks, heavy duty tin foil dinners, and much much more ;)

And I'm going to say that Luke and I packed just right
(I may get some guff for that one)

2011-We woke up the following morning to incredible views and headed up the mountain for some extreme sledding. We had pretty good weather even though it did start to snow. It was awesome.

This picture makes me laugh every time. Luke huffed and puffed the whole way up and he was such a good sport when we teased him about it.

See, he was still happy.

And this was the sledding in 2011...

2012- We did not have as good of weather. It was super windy and snowing and freezing!

Can you tell?

The guys still did some extreme sledding...

And after attempting a few runs, the girls decided to opt out and take pictures instead.

But seriously, it was painfully cold so we decided to sled back down to a nice warm cabin. So happy we had goggles too.

2011- We lounged around all day long in comfy clothes, napped and watched a couple of movies in one sitting including Meet Joe Black and A Time to Kill.

2012- Again with the comfortable clothes, naps and double the movies- The Town, Undercover Blues, Behind Enemy Lines Enemy of The State and The Illusionist.

2011- We ate when it was necessary

2012- We ate all day

Amy and Luke also went out again for one more sled run when the weather cleared up,

Love them.

 And we played some games.

2011- Before leaving the cabin, we had to take an engagement {looking} photo.

2012- Added a special someone to the engagement photo.

2011 and 2012- Sled down the mountain. The best part.


2011- Had an amazing adventure with Trent and Amy.

2012-Were so thankful that we got to go on this adventure again and this time with even more friends.

2011& 2012-Have these two to thank for two amazing back to back snowshoeing adventures.


linds said...

love the double year re-cap. so pleased i could be your special someone.

Amy said...

Awesome post!!! Loved everything about it. It was a great weekend. Loved every second. Already looking forward to next year!