Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday's a Special Day

How did we spend our Saturday this week? Well, I'll tell you. We slept in. Got the house taken care of. Oliver was interviewed for an upcoming Valentines video that our ward is putting on. Luke took us out to lunch for Valentines...okay not really for Valentines, but I'll use that as an excuse since I'm trying to better about the holiday. We all LOVED it. We ate like pigs and Oliver did well for the first half of the meal. After running to a few stores while Oliver napped in transit we took him to play with Jack for a couple of hours. Luke and I hung out and took care of a couple things. We made a quick run over to orange leaf where we indulged in our favorite frozen yogurt. And finally ended the night watching Breaking Dawn...well, I did. It was a pretty good Saturday.

My handsome little guy with his prongs at rodizio grill.

My husband is a hottie and I'm lovin his new hat.

Luke's pick: Cookies and cream, brownie batter and cherry chocolate with butterfinger hot fudge and waffle cone.
My pick: Classic Tart and Mango banana strawberry with cheesecake bites, strawberries and waffle cone.

"Calories calories..."