Thursday, November 8, 2012

4 year check-up

Oliver was a little emotional when he had to go in to get his 4 year check-up you can see. He was especially mad when he had to get his height and weight measure and he did not like when the nurse mentioned that he could get his shots today. The first half of his appointment was terrible. I couldn't believe how crazy he was acting with his screaming and crying and thrashing about. After the nurse left, I talked to him and tried to calm him down a little. I got him to stop crying, but he was still hating life at the moment. What did work was when his Dr. came in. He sat and talked to Oliver for a few minutes and then little by little checked him. He was so great and by the end of the appointment, Oliver was back to his normal lovable self. Best part, no shots!
The Dr. said that Oliver is doing great and that he looks good. He said that he is a little on the heavier side for his age and that he needs to stay active and eat healthy. He is slightly taller than average and his head remains big, but he is certainly growing into it.

After his flu vaccine (up the nose), he jumped off the table and we took off. I have a year to prep him for next year when he does get his shots.