Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful for Luke's Side

For the actual Thanksgiving holiday we headed up to Star Valley, Wyoming! The three of us took off at about 2 PM on Wednesday and ventured on up there. It was nice to not have any car problems or snow this year as opposed to 2 years ago when everything that could have gone wrong, did. When everyone finally arrived, we headed to Pizza Hut like we do every time we are visiting up there. It was so nice to go back to Grandma Veigel's house and just relax after dinner. Some of us napped, some of us watched TV, Others read, but Oakley and I hung out next to the heater to warm up and listen to music.
That morning after sleeping in, we got ready for the 3rd annual Gobble Gallop. It was not as cold this year and I was very happy about that.

Here was our starting group.
We were excited about the turn out this year. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year and 3 people were already out on the course when this picture was taken.

 Finishing. I have to say that I was so happy for Luke who ran the entire 3.1 miles without stopping and just came in a few minutes behind me...And he doesn't run. I on the other hand had to walk a little due to some recent knee problems. My finishing picture was "lame" as Amy put it.
All the finishers together.
Brittany, Me and Amy.
We were also laughing at my outfit because I looked like I wanted to blend in with the ground.
 Of course after everyone left, Amy and I had a photo shoot. Amy is a pro at the heel click...just look at that cute oopa loopma ;). I on the other hand obviously need to practice more so it doesn't look like I'm just falling from the sky.

We tried to do our own jumping self portrait. I think it worked, don't you?
 After the race we went back to the house to get ready. Holly made a gigantic pot of mashed potatoes, Amy made a pumpkin Trifle and pink salad and Luke and I made devil eggs (my new name for them because peeling eggs may just be the worst cooking chore ever). AT 1:00 PM, we headed over to the church to meet up with all the other families for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, it was pretty good. I don't usually love turkey, but whoever made the turkey changed my mind about liking it. Following dinner, we cleared the floor to play.

We played speed/lightning
 As well as the much anticipated dodge ball

The kids had a go at it too.
We left before getting to play Volleyball, but I'm sure we'll do that in the summer sometime with the Allred clan.

We said good bye to Pom Pom
And headed home.
 Happy Thanksgiving!