Tuesday, November 6, 2012

St. George Couples Trip

This past weekend we headed down to St. George...KID LESS. I know it's not much coming from us since we only have 1 kid, but it's a pretty big deal for both couples to find sitters and head down together.
We headed down for a race. Amy and I opted out of the 1/2 Marathon and ran the 5K...first one I've ever paid for. And Trent and his dad ran the 1/2 marathon.

It was nice to get to St. George and not worry about what I was going to eat for dinner before a big race or stress about getting enough sleep. Amy and I were pretty excited about our easy run that morning.  
 The race itself was pretty awesome. It was a hilly course and a harder race than I thought, but Amy and I did pretty good. She even placed first in her age division. She's good like that. I ran at a 9.23 pace.
We also had the best fans there. I know how much Luke hates to go to these things so it means a lot when he goes and doesn't even complain. Teri was also fun to have there. She has always been a great cheerleader. I'm just lucky to tag along with her people and have her cheer for me too. 

Here is the group of runners. Like I said, I'm a tag-along

Trent and Amy are amazing runners. They both won a bunch of stuff like extra medals for placing 1st and 2nd in their age divisions and also won gift certificates. That's just how they do.

The rest of the weekend we lounged around, ate really good food, watched movies at the house and went out to see a movie. We took naps turning the day and sat around talking at night. We played games on our phones, read books and trashy magazines and watched Friends. It was a pretty amazing weekend.
*All pictures stolen from Amy's blog being that I didn't take a single photo the entire weekend.