Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Whenever Oliver sees the 25 cent candy machines, he always asks if I have any money so he can get a treat. Usually I do have a quarter reserved in my wallet just for this purpose. There have been times where he has gotten fun little toys like Zombies and Simpson Characters, but most of the time it's a gumball or Mike and Ikes. He knows exactly where the candy machines are, particularty at Smiths, Spaghetti Factory and at the Gateway Mall.
The other day while I was working at the Gateway Mall, I got a visit from some of my favorite people. My boss came back to the stock room to tell me that I had visitors and that someone had a surprise for me. I immediately ran out to see who came to see me and a bit curious as to what this surprise might be. When I walked out I saw Luke and Oliver. I just love those two. Oliver ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug (as if he hadn't seen me just a couple hours prior). Oliver held out his squishy little hand where he held a sweaty quarter and with the biggest smile on his face he handed it to me and said "So you can get a treat."