Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

We did it again this year. We hit up the stores. This year I had a small list:
700 thread count sheets $20.00 X's 2-3
HP Wireless Printer $39.95
Blu Ray DVD's $4.00-$9.95
Last year I heard that the sheets were gone in no time so sheets this year was my top priority. When we got there, this was the crowd. Wendy was with me and after hearing that people were going to push when they say "go", I told Wendy to stay back and hold my purse. I didn't want anything to happen to that pregnant sister of mine. When they finally said "go" it was chaos. People were pushing and shoving and trying their hardest to get their dang sheets. I was able to grab a few and we were out of there. Whew!
Next up were the printers and DVD's They weren't opening the printers until 10 and we have about 1.5 hours to go. We parked our cart right next to the printers and we would each take turns running around to find our other items. DVD's were a nightmare. People were pushing and shoving and ripping up boxes all around me. Plus it stunk. I can't believe how many non-deodorant wearers  and non-bathers there are out there. Luckily I came away with a big stack for myself and Wendy. After getting all she needed, Wendy took off and we never got to take a picture with her. Here, Amy and I were waiting for the printers. We still had half an hour to go and were debating whether or not to grab some grub from McDonald's when all of the sudden some yelled "okay open them up!" Again, chaos as people ribbed the wrapping off the stacks and dove in. We grabbed our printers and turned around where the large stack of small TV's were when Amy turned around and said to me "I'm going in!" She too dove right into the large pile of people and was able to grab a TV for herself. I had no idea she wanted one and quite frankly, I don't think she knew she wanted one either. She ended up giving it to a man that was waiting in another line. I'm sure she made his day.
Did I mention that in the process, she got a box corner right to the eye. She is now sporting a faint black eye. It's beautiful. 
After Wal-Mart we headed over to Target where we did not plan on staying long after seeing that crazy line. Yikes. We were out of there. Finally at midnight we headed over to Kohls. It was also a long line, but time passed fairly quick when we ran into Bob and Camila and we waited in line for an hour together. 

At 2 in the AM, I finally made it back home with everything that I could have wanted from Black Friday shopping. The following day Luke took back 4 movies that I bought. Luke's favorite kind of shopping isn't shopping at all, it's the returning that he loves so much. 


Julie W said...

The picture of oliver at the top of your blog is too cute. And you look amazing!

How did I miss you at Walmart? Heidi was getting sheets for me, funny to see her in that picture. I had a long list as well and got all of it! Feels good to have success.

Nice shopping.