Sunday, July 22, 2012

Handcart Days '12

It has been said that next to Christmas, this is Luke's favorite holiday. We absolutely love going to the fair to enjoy the little rides, foods and being with family and seeing our friends there. The parade, not so much. It's all about hitting up the fair...twice.

Day 1

The group
 We ate so much. I alone ate a pulled pork sandwich, nachos, corn on the cob, half a scone and a Sprite.
Yikes!! I think Luke ate very similar to me with an added hot dog.

This Fish pond is a must. The kids sure love this.
 Oliver went fishing a couple of times today.
 Love my family.

and Amy too.

And the photo booth they had this year. 
 (excuse my makeshift scanner)

Although we weren't big on watching the parade, we still watched the finish of the Stripling Warriors and even got to take a picture with Helaman. Watching that finish was pretty cool and it was fun to spot our ward members right in the front and our Stake President leading them all.
 Later that night we headed up to Trent and Amys for the perfect set up on the roof to watch fireworks.
Not a great shot, but you get the idea.
 And taking a self portrait shot with Luke is nearly impossible, but this made me laugh.
 After the end of a long day we were tuckered out. Oliver is getting so big I can barely hold him up like this anymore.

Day 2
We met my mom and sisters at the park today for lunch. We certainly didn't get enough last night, so here we are...round 2.
Oliver and Jack loved going on the little rides together.
They also loved hanging out with aunt Phia,

Again taking pictures at the photo booth,

 And playing some more.

That night we took it easy and burned some smoke bombs at home.
In fact, we burnt so many that now we have a tie dyed stained driveway. But that's okay. It looks pretty cool.


AJ and Cindy said...

I am so sad we were out of town for all of this. I definitely want to be there for all the fun next year, it sounds awesome!