Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Actual 24th

I have just loved that the 24th of July holiday has been spread out for about 4 days this year. We ran out of things to do on the actual day so it was a pretty random Saturday-feeling day.
I have been training for some up coming races so running was on my list of things to get done this morning. I even had a friend join me. We later decided that we would consider it our 24th race.

After my whole family was awake, we stayed in our jammies to watch the parade on TV. Luke said it was the best way to do it. I on the other hand grew up with going to the Days of 47 parade and I would have loved to run the race down the parade route and then stayed to watch it in real life with Oliver. Some day...or maybe not.

After a late lunch/early dinner we headed over to Liberty Park. I haven't been there is years and years and we saw on TV that they were doing some crafts, a PowWow and fireworks. Since we didn't have anything else to do we thought, why not?

I didn't love it. I remember as a kid going there with my cousins and we loved it, but this time not so much. Dare I say that it was a little scary being that I grew up in somewhat of a ghetto neighborhood myself? Maybe it's because I've been living in this Bountiful bubble for almost 8 years now that I forgot that I was once a part of that hoodness...anyway, I felt uncomfortable and I know that is almost rude to say but whatev. It was a bit trashy. There, said it.

We still enjoyed walking around though.

That night we got some ice cream and headed back to light the last of the smoke bombs with the Feils. While we were sitting there chatting, huge fireworks were going off in all directions around us. It was a pretty great and unexpected show.

You know it's a long day when your son asks you if he can go to bed. Until next year.


AJ and Cindy said...

I feel the SAME way about Liberty Park..LOL I loved your description of it :)