Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oliver's Accident

Where do I even begin with this story. Oliver had an accident this week that was a little scary and crazy. I have been watching the Jensen kids all week long during the day and things were going great all week long. We had gone to the movies, the zoo, went swimming and played a lot without a problem. So, on the last day, we were all at home watching some tv and playing. It was a very calm morning and things were going so well. I had just helped Oliver put on his skeleton costume to match Paige and Morgan and off they went to play. I got up to put some dishes in the dish washer when I heard what I thought was a loud cry. I didn't hear anything after that initial scream, but I waited anyway to see if I could hear some outburst follow what I just heard. I did. Andrew came running in with Oliver behind him saying "Oliver is hurt! He's bleeding!" Sure enough I saw a huge gash in the back of his head with blood just gushing out. It made my stomach jump. The kids told me that Paige had pushed him off Oakley's bed and hit his head AND that Paige was hiding downstairs. I ran him into the bathroom and grabbed the hand towel and put some pressure on his head. All the kids (but Paige) were surrounding me at this point wide eyed and quiet. I had to take a deep breath and figure out how I was going to handle this.

I asked the kids to find my phone that was in my bag, to turn off the TV and stay quiet while I made some phone calls. Everyone I called either didn't answer or couldn't come help watch all these kids. I called Luke to let him know what was going on and to try to figure out where I can take him under our new(er) insurance. I really didn't know that I could or even wanted to take all 6 kids with me but it looks like that is what I was going to have to do. Right as I told them to put their shoes on I got a call back from my MIL. I asked her to come up so I could get Oliver taken care of. Thankfully she was available...wet hair and all ;). I took Andrew with me because I needed that extra helper and he has always been Oliver's "Person". The other kids followed orders well and waited for Grandma to get there. Later I learned that they even called their dad because Oakley "Just thought she would let (Trent) know" what had happened. Cute kids.

After a few phone calls going back and forth with Luke and trying to find a place (other than the ER)and a few other phone calls with Amy and Lindsay, we figured that we could take him to the Insta Care on Main street and 4th. We finally got there after waiting in some parade traffic only to get turned away because they didn't take my insurance. Sucky. Now we had to drive right through that traffic again 1.5 miles in the opposite direction. I know it's not far at all, but it seems to be when your child is bleeding and you know you have to fight stupid parade people again to get him help. Andrew was such a great helper holding Oliver's head with the towel in the car and opening and closing the doors for us.

We got in just fine and were only waiting about 5 minutes before Luke showed up. I felt like I could breath just a little easier knowing that he was with me. Oliver went back...skeleton suit and all and was weighed and evaluated. They cleaned out his gash which has stopped bleeding by then and put some numbing gel on. We waited for the doctor before she started the most painful part to watch and I'm sure the most painful part overall for O...getting numbed. If any of your remember what it felt like to watch your new born baby get their first shots, it was a very similar feeling. I just about cried watching him feel that pain and not having any control of it. Poor poor guy. The boys got popcicles, Andrew got a pre packaged syrenge to take home (which he later gave to Oliver for being so brave), and we waited about 10 minutes for the doctor to come and put the staples in. Andrew, Luke, Oliver and I guessed how many it would take. Andrew guessed 3, I guessed 4, Luke guessed 6 and Oliver guessed 5. The main doctor came in and helped another doctor put the staples in. at first it looked like Oliver would only get 5 staples, but the main doctor cleaned up the other doctors staples and made them look just a little better (confused?). In the end, he got 8 staples. Andrew was watching them put the staples in and I kept hearing him take deep breaths and make this quiet groaning noise. I told him that he didn't have to watch if he didn't want to and his response was "It just looks like it hurts". I think he was a little shaken up over it. At one point Oliver started to cry because of the pain, but it wasn't the pain from his head. It was from Luke holding him too tight. I think Luke was a little nervous too:).

After getting him all cleaned up, the doctor did some basic neuro testing to make sure he was okay and we took off. The staples will come out in a week and hopefully his head will heal just fine. Oliver was such a tough kid and I am so proud that he is such a brave little boy.

And there you have it. I survived my first incident with my own bleeding child. I hope to never have to experience something like this again, but let's face it, kids will be kids.  


Eliza said...

I think I tensed up just reading this. Poor Oliver :( I'm glad other than the initial pain of it all that he is doing well.