Monday, July 9, 2012

Swim Lessons

Monday after school/work got out, Oliver started swim lessons.

This is what the first day looked like...
You can't tell in the picture very well but he screamed the WHOLE time and tried to get out several times. He hated this more than anything I had ever seen him do.

That night and the next morning Luke and I talked to Oliver about being Brave and trying new things without crying. We really pushed for him to have a good time at swim lessons and it must have worked because the next day this is what he looked like...
Totally relaxed and loving his teacher AND being very brave.
He is currently on the last week of his third cycle and for the most part he loves it and I love it because it gives us something to look forward to everyday. Some days we have to have the "brave" talk again and that seems to help. We love his teacher and hope that Oliver will be swimming all by himself in no time.


Amy said...

He is doing much better now.