Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smoke Bomb Extravaganza

Smoke bombs have been a huge hit this year with our family. We didn't realize that our driveway was the perfect place to roll them down and add to the entertainment. Oliver loved running around them playing in the smoke and watching them burn out and we loved watching him be so happy. Luke loved the smell of them and I just loved being with them on these perfect summer nights. I even loved that it stained our driveway just so I could have that constant reminder of nights like this a little bit longer.

It was all perfect and we we had one more smoke bomb to light. We lit it and watched it start to roll down the drive way and saw Oliver run right towards it and then he did what we have been telling him not to do. He stepped right on it. He luckily had his shoes on but still burned himself. He immediately started to scream that it was hurting. We ran him inside and put his foot under cold water. Luke grabbed some ice and threw that in the sink. Oliver hated the ice and that seemed to hurt more than the burn itself. We tried to wash off the orange stain and black burn but it would not come off. I think seeing that stain made O feel like he was hurt more than he was because he even started to walk with a limp. So there we go. Another tally mark to add to the accidents this week.
Even though, we still love smoke bombs, our smoke bomb stained driveway and now our smoke bomb stained kid.