Monday, July 30, 2012

24 Hour Camping

Actually, It was less than that but it was pretty fun.
Karina called me earlier this week and asked me if we were up for some last minute camping. Luckily we didn't have much going on so we met up with them to camp.
Since it was so last minute, we had to test our luck and see if we would get a spot Friday at around 6:30 PM. The only camp that you can call to make reservations for was full so we really didn't think we'd have much of a chance at actually getting a spot. The first camp we drove through was completely full, but luckily we found a spot at the next camp.
The weather was so perfect that night and surprisingly we were able to have a fire so that the kids could make s'mores and so the adult could stay up chatting and what is camping without a fire?

After a restless sleep we got up to get the day going.
I got a quick run in (it still terrifies me to run in the mountains)
When we got back from camp I found out that there was a Moose running around our camp. See, I have reason to have that fear.
And then we all cooled off in the river.

Luke used Oliver's life jacket and a noodle to go down the worked well enough but the people with the real river tubes sure gave him some looks.

I love that even if we go camping for less than 24 hours, we are still able to hang out every now and then.
And tell me that these 3 are not so dang cute together....


linds said...

that looks like so much fun. where are you guys?