Monday, May 19, 2014

All Poly Sports-St. George

This past weekend we got to go to St. George with All Poly Sports to help with the camps.
Here are just a few highlights.
We drove down in our rental vehicle and pretty much laughed for 4 straight hours. We think we are pretty funny.
The first day of the camp we helped with registrations, shirts and helping around whenever we can.
We officially met Coach McBride who is a big supporter of the camp.
I also became a photographer. I loved taking action shots of these athletes and practicing my photography.
Here are a couple of my favorite shots.


 And then there's this clown. He is one of our favorites.
And the man of the hour, Alema. Another favorite.
Finally the moment we had been waiting for...Pool time.
And some shopping. Can't go to STG without doing some shopping. 
 And I particularly love this picture of Lindsay being locked out of our hotel room.

We ran around so much that by the end of the day, I joked that I was slowly turning into a Polynesian....but when my "tan" washed away, I realized I was just a dirty Mexican.
After the camp we got to spend a day up at the Lewis Cabin in Pine Valley. It was beautiful and they were so nice to have us all up there.
 We got to sleep in the little boys room and we especially enjoyed the bear. Again, we think we are so funny.
Jeff had to put two beds together to accommodate his large stature. 

We did a little 4 wheeling on the rhino
That night we stayed up way too late playing card games, talking and laughing so hard.
Phase Ten. We had a couple of cheaters...ahem, Jeff, but it was overall so much fun. 
And since this cheater talked so much smack, we got him back when he finally fell asleep. He looked very sparkly rest of the trip.

We really had such a good time and we already can't wait to go down again next year.
A few memorable quotes:
"His butt crack is this long..." -Brooke
"Hashtag hashtag teeth" -Kim (And Riley)
"Grab his balls" -Jeff
"Fix yo face!" -Sape
"It's wike your wips are touching my wips" -Alema
"You Wrascley Wabbit" -Kim and Lindsay
"My name's Mario" -Mario
"What's a corner back?" -Lindsay
"Is that offense or defense?" -Kim
"Kim, what Phase are you on?" -Jeff
"I've been punked!" -Jeff
"Do you guys have anything to get this stuff off?" -Jeff
"Damn it, I doooo" -Kim and Lindsay
"We are funny" -Kim and Lindsay
"Aren't the girls so funny?" -Jeff
"Is this a phase?" -Alema
"What is this game called?" -Alema
"He's Korean" -Alema
"My Bagels on fire!" -Kim
"It's a right, a right and a right" -Alema
"Who's wife are you?" -The wives
"Just pound it!" -Jeff
"Get her a chaser!" -Brooke
-Sape running like a girl
-Alema and his chocolate shake
-Getting lost...twice
-Being late...twice
-Alema and his obsession with coconut lip butter
-The DJ
-Hacking into APS Instagram
-All the food
-Trying to make a decision
-Sapes towel shorts