Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby Nick names

Baby Bee
Beauty (Oliver)
Miss Bee (Mostly Luke)
Bree-Oh-Nee (Trent)
Sweet Bee
Little Bird

My Love (Grandma Lily)
Milosh (AJ-spoken with a Russian accent)
Rhino (Johnny)
Milo Cyrus (Ethan)
And this Is what they would look like if they were animated characters.
Taleesha and I were talking about how Bee looks like a little bird with her chubby cheeks and little lips. Then she found the perfect Briony Bird off a Care Bears show. Looks just like her especially when she is making kissy lips.
And Milo. Sweet Milo. His eyes are getting better now, but when he was younger, his google eyes were out of control and Trent nailed it when he said that Milo looked just like the Angry Pig from Angry Birds. We were also watching a cartoon with O called Clarence and the main kid looks like him too. Must be the pig nose and chubby cheeks.