Thursday, May 1, 2014


Here is my insta-blogs from the past three weeks...
 I loved that we could sit in a dark theater so that I could get a little shut eye.
 They don't often puke, but when they do, it's a doozy.
 Hurt my knee from running too much too soon. It even hurt to walk.

 I also saved Briony from a spider that was crawling on her while on our walk. I would only do that for someone I truly love.


 Oliver's team played against his preschool friends team. Oliver tells me Theo is his best friend at school and I love that they will actually go to school together this fall.
 So many filled out thank you cards from baby showers and baby gifts. I am the worst at those.
 Possibly my favorite picture of these two ever.

 For being good sports about this, we took them to 7-11 to get slurpies and Nachos.
Slurpies, Nachos and hacking Lukes phone. I really wanted some but I had to stay strong since I am trying to lose weight. Boo too being heavy.

Our friend Melissa planned for the five of us to go out to dinner to celebrate Jamie's birthday. We ended up going to Settabellos at Farmington Station and it was so good. Following dinner we did a little shopping.

So much rain. I love it!

Love it so much that I went running in it and Amy and I found each other. She was finishing up and I was just starting.




 The grossest thing ever. It was crawling on my sleeve. I think I undressed in record time.
Jason's Deli outing and free ice cream cones.