Friday, May 9, 2014


It's been tradition to go to breakfast for our birthdays. I have been going to this place since High School and I love that Luke loves it just as much as I do. Our waiter that day was baked, but the food was still awesome.
While we were at Breakfast, Holly came over to hang out with our kids. She must have been doing something right because look at those smiles.
Sweet Oakley was baptized this day and she was a beauty. She was baptized with two of her best friends, Izzy and Caroline. Following the baptism we went back to Jensens and had pizza. It was fantastic.
Luke and Oliver joined Jake and his kids at the Lego Expo. They got to play in a pit of Legos and see what other people has built. Luke said they all loved it.

With Spring time in full bloom I have been listening to country music. I don't usually listen to country and other time of year.

Oliver and Luke were teaching Milo how to wrestle. He has to learn now so that he can hold his own when he gets older. Wrestling happens on a daily basis at our house.
Early Monday morning we met up for a run. Veigel's have amazing endurance and it was fun to run with these two.
On my actual Birthday, Amy made me dinner and we hung out at her house that night. It was calm and relaxing and just what I wanted for my birthday. On Monday night the Baker side met up at a family favorite, Crown Burger for my birthday dinner. It was SO always.

On Tuesday I was surprised when I walked in the door and saw this sitting in the kitchen for me. Luke pulled through and bought me this jogging stroller for my birthday and Mother's day.

This little girl loves to chat with me when I am trying to feed her. Such a sweet girl. I love her so much. 

Amy and I went running together and we were quite styling with our funky pants. Following our run, we met up with the other couples and ate at The Habit for grandma night.

Tested out the new jogging stroller. The babes seemed to like it just fine, but MAN, It's hard to run with them. I'll have to practice.