Monday, May 26, 2014

St. George Weekend -Luke's Birthday

On our way.
 First time riding down to STG with the babies and crossing our fingers that they do well.
 They made it all the way to Cedar with out a peep. We ate, fed them and changed them. This is how we roll.
 Luke had a couple of meetings the following morning so the kids and I went on a walk. Oliver was such a great helper and the babies loved it.
(Also Oliver had to pee)
 Love this summer view. We've been waiting a long time to do this.
 The following day was Luke's Birthday! We sure love Luke.
 His only request was to have dinner at Don Pedros, his favorite restaurant ever.
 And for dessert, Nilson's Frozen custard.
Chocolate custard with Almonds and Cherries. SO good.
That following morning I went for a run. There is something pretty special about running in STG. I ran 3.25 and didn't have any knee pain. See, something special. 
I loved relaxing with my kids.

And these two knew we were on vacation and decided to relax a lot as well.
 We decided to glam up the place by finally framing this piece of "art".
We hiked around at Pioneer park. The babies loved their first time there and Oliver ALWAYS loves going there. 
While the boys hiked through the crack, I hung out with these two. 
The rock eating Oliver up. 
Oliver found this seat and asked to have his picture taken. 
Later that day we went to DP's again. Juan always waits on us anytime we go to eat there and he has quickly become our little Amigo. For over a year now, Luke has asked to buy one of their shirts and this day, Juan did not disappoint.  
I worked on the rest of the puzzle during our stay and finished it. It was a tough one but we did it. 
The river park was pretty fun to go to. Luke and Oliver played in the water while the babies and I sat around people watching. They ended up falling asleep and I tried my hardest to protect them from all the water fights that broke out. 
One of my favorite things that I did down there was to lay out and read my book. 
However while I was laying out, I spotted all these baby quail running around trying to find their mom. At one point some were lost and hiding in bushes around me. About 15 minutes later I heard the mom squawking calling her babies home. I watched them one by one come out and try to hear their way back home. I know the babies would have eventually found their mom, but they were totally going the wrong way and nearly running into the street. I caught three and let them go in the bush that their mama was in. They were the tiniest and cutest little things ever.

That night, We also found this fat little guy on the back patio. The only thing left to do was to catch a lizard or snake. Maybe next time.  
We had such a great time spending three full days there doing everything we wanted. Oliver had such a great time. I was worried about him getting bored and not wanting to do anything we were going to do, but that was never the case. The babies were so awesome. They rode in the car so well and while we were there their sleeping through the night really took off. Celebrating Luke was also so much fun. He got new shirts, a new pocket knife and a paddle from the kids. I loved everything about spending the weekend with my family. We ate so good, played so hard and really did love it.