Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Insta-blog and Randoms

So grateful that I can update with just these post.
 After this post, they started sleeping in their own beds. Made me a little sad that they were big enough to be sleeping on their own.
 After not seeing each other for over a year, we finally met up and chatted over some sushi. It was perfect and something that we plan on doing more often.
 We hosted a yummy breakfast with the Baker side. My mom is such a wonderful grandma to all her grandkids. She is lucky to have 10 with one on the way.
 Amy and I went to Melty Way for our Mothers Day dinner and followed that up with a trip to Ross. It was perfect.
 On Mother's day I was so happy when Oliver got up to sing with the primary (and he actually sang) in sacrament meeting. I didn't get to see it because I was helping the opposite side he was on get all situated on the stand, but I was so happy when Luke told me.
For dinner that night, The Veigel side put on a great dinner hosted at Jakes house. The husbands prepared everything that night so that the wives didn't have to. It was a nice treat and the food was exceptional.
Being a mom is one of the best things I can ever imagine doing.
I have been trying to work out more and Amy is always so nice to drag me along...This particular day was a crazy spring run. We started in perfect weather and by the time we were finished, We were splochy red and soaked, but it was so much fun.


Currently reading Go ask Jane by Anonymous. It is a dark read, but very eye opening to the effects of drug use.  
Months ago, after going to Beto's and seeing that someone was eating these fires, we have been wanting to try them. We tried a couple of times to go, but plans always fell through. We finally did and they were awesome!