Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Dollar Date.

I love Amy.
She is my person...think Greys Anatomy. She is the person that I list as my emergency contact, She is the second mother to Oliver, She is one of my besties AND she is so dang funny.

We needed an out the other night.
We shop pretty well together and so we decided to do just that. Shop.
We hit up City Creek and looked around for about an hour and even hit up TJMaxx afterwards.
Guess how much money we spent? $0. In all our shopping excursions, hat has never happened to us.

Before heading home we went to Orange Leaf where we only had to spend less than 2 dollars because I had a voucher. The frozen yogurt was exceptional that night too.

Pretty awesome, right?

Thanks for the night out...and for making my laugh with your Amy-isms.


Mindy said...

I need a person. :)

Amy said...

I seriously can't believe we didn't buy ANYTHING while out and about. It was a Christmas miracle!
I love our nights out.

And I am glad you like my Amy-isms, not everyone does...

Until next time!