Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Friday we headed up to the Cemetery to see the graves being decorated and to decorate a couple of our own. My Dad's, and a Friend, Ron.

I was watching Jensen's that night and decided to take them with me on their first Cemetery outing. They told me later that they loved it....except Oliver and the picture taking.
We walked around the entire place being careful not to step on other peoples headstones and picking up the tipped over flowers on other's graves. We walked into the forest and took pictures with the {fake} animals.

We visited the field on Honor where 40 of Utah's hero's were remembered. The girls and I walked around and read off every name. They loved it.
Bottom left: This was the memorial site of a fellow classmate of mine from West High. Thank you Adam.
Bottom right: As we were walking down each row reading the names, Oakley excitingly told me that this guy was famous and that he was in a movie that she had seen before. She wanted me to take a picture.
Monday, we went to a Memorial Day service at our church in the morning. We had the yearly flag raising ceremony, a fellow ward veteran spoke to us and following the service we had a breakfast that was put on by the relief society. It was a great way to start the day.

When we got home we didn't have a single thing to do, so we packed up a few items and headed up to Huntsville to a frog pond that Luke had visited back in his day. We got there and crossed the freezing river to the hidden pond and sadly there were no frogs, but we still enjoyed being up there. We also went to a hidden cave and played at the river for a little while. Oliver loved finding big sticks and then trhowing them in the river.

On our way back, we saw a sign that read Texas Barbecue. It sounded delicious so we gave it a try and guess what? It WAS delicious! The pulled pork sandwich was the best one I had ever had. We can't wait to have an excuse to go back to Huntsville so we can eat there again.

Oliver was too entertained to eat. He found this tiny little caterpillar and could not stop playing with it. When it was time to go he got a little sad that he had to say goodbye to his new friend. He put him on a plant and waved goodbye to him. Sweet boy.
Later that night we had our friends come over for some dogs and s'mores. It was delish and the perfect way to end our awesome day.