Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day we spent it away with the Jensen's. It was perfect. We went up to their family cabin and just enjoyed relaxing and hanging out.

In this particular picture, I was playing Mother Goose reading about Fear Factor to all the Jensen kids....Aiden and Andrew were laughing at my alleged bald spot. Crap.

 We made s'mores in the fire. The fire was nice just not the mess.

 We tried to take a family you can see we are not very good at it.

So we did this cheesy heart-in-the-sun pose...that didn't work out too well either.

The next day, Amy and I wanted some nap time so Luke and Trent entertained the kids while we relaxed. Hallelujah and Happy Mothers Day to us! It was so nice. Above, they are standing in front of the fort  they made with Luke.

And us, the moms of the trip.

I am so so grateful that I have been able to join this club better known as Motherhood. It is an amazing thing to be a mother and makes me feel more value and worth than I have ever known. I am grateful for all the moms out there, my own mom and mother in law, sisters, and my friends who are amazing examples of great moms. 
Hope all you lovely ladies had a wonderful Mothers Day.


Amy said...

Ya, that was fun. Glad to spend the weekend with you.