Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hi 29.

I am now 29. It was more of a low key birthday this year and it was nice. For starters...

I treated myself to a massage the day before where I was surprised by this beautiful cake that the Dr. I work for got me. Seriously, how pretty is that.

                   These wonderful ladies treated me to some amazing lunch at The Blue Lemon. Love!

And I love them. I mean who could not love those pretty faces ;)

Following lunch, I stopped by Luke's work to say hello and he came out with a gift wrapped in his blue prints wrapping paper that I absolutely love. Luke's gifts are the best.

 He got me this vintage scale I've been eyeing.

Later that night it was Movie time. Luke has been talking about going to see the Avengers for my birthday from the day he found out that is was releasing on my birthday. He was completly giddy with excitement.

We first went to 5 guys for dinner and it was go-ood. We forgot to take a picture so Amy and I took one on our way to the movie.

I loved the movie....just not the annoying over-enthused nerds that surrounded us....then again, it was those exact nerds that thought we were pretty cool (because of our shirts) and we were asked a couple times where we got them. Ha!
Look at our lovely group. Love these guys.

On Sunday I had my family over to finish off the the leftovers from our Cinco De Mayo Party (more of that to come). Wendy made me a rainbow chip cake, my favorite, and I got the Notorious Baker version of Happy Birthday sung to me with chants of "take a bite" following. Luke cut me a piece of cake and put it on a plate so that I could take a bite.
And this is what they did to me...

But I got them back...

I was spoiled again this year receiving very generous gifts and certainly feeling the love. Thank you to all those that made bringing in my 29th year of life so sweet.


Marco y Haydee said...

Oh my goodness!! I completely spaced your birthday this year!! Sooo sorry and a happy very late birthday! Love your braid by the way. Is it the spanish braid?

linds said...

wow, those ladies you work with look pretty amazing:) glad you had a good day. you deserve it!