Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother/Daughter Activity Days Night....???

I love my calling in our ward.
I am currently an Activity Days Leader and I get to hang out with the pre-teens of the ward. It's pretty fun.

 We had our Mother/Daughter night right before Mothers Day. It was so fun to see those Mother/Daughter relationships.
The girls all played how well do you know your Mother/Daughter. They all did surprisingly well.

Then we learned how to make bread sticks that turned out pretty good.

They all made cute little herb gardens together which I did not get any pictures of but they did turn out so cute.
And we had a wonderful speaker talk to us about the importance of Mother/Daughter relationships. I loved it. I loved that she talked about how in the pre-existence we were all sisters and that at times we need to remember that our moms are our sisters too. That we should have fun with our sister and learn and love each other. Although I was the only one there that didn't have a daughter, I was very impressed with the insight that it gave me that we need to love each other as sisters.

*Chris didn't have her daughter with me and I didn't have my Mom so we helped each other fill in the void.