Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Karen & Lindsay Experience

I absolutely love my job. Love it. Seriously, it is awesome.

One of the reasons is because of these two...

That's Karen and Lindsay.
Just a couple of the most beautiful, funniest people I know.

This weekend we got to hang out down in Sunny St. George for a few days of much needed R&R
This is what we did...

We ate a lot. Snacks and all and it was delish!
For the first time I tried Benjas and Smash burger which I will eat at again. So good.
Top to bottom: Mad Pita gyro with their amazing seasoned fries and fry sauce, Vegas roll from Benjas, Smash Burger with sweet potato fries and regular fries, Vanilla yogurt with green apples walnuts and some honey, and Benjas Mango Rice dessert.

Eating out in the lovely weather

For the majority of the time, we were outside laying out. And sometimes when it got unbearably hot, we'd take a dunk in the pool. Laying out though, was my fave.

Linds and I went running. She ran 8 miles and I was only scheduled to run 4.5 and man, it was hot, but we felt pretty good....tired afterwards, but good.

In the end, the trip was awesome! Just what I wanted. We also did some shopping while we were down there because really, what is a trip without shopping. We just didn't get any pictures.

Next up, The Karen & Lindsay experience in Vegas...


linds said...

thanks for letting me steal your whole post. you are great. loved the trip. cant wait for more of that.

Amy said...

So jealous that I don't work with you guys and so jealous of your trip and the good food...except the sushi that is. ;)

AJ and Cindy said...

it is so nice to love the people you work with, some of my best friends are the ones I met while working.Your trip looks so fun and relaxing, lucky you!