Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

How perfect that May 5th fell on a Saturday this year. So why not party!

Luke and I gathered as many people as we could and threw together this fiesta.

Everyone was so nice to bring a dish to share with everyone. There was SO much food. Enough to fit on 2 large tables. It was all amazing!

                                                       What would a fiesta be without a pinata?

With about 30 kids and 2 pinatas, we made sure everyone had a turn. Even a couple adults joined in on the fun.
Luke was the final hitter which broke apart the pinata and released loads of candy and confetti. 

Love Cinco de Mayo mainly because it gives us all a fun  reason to throw a party with some good Mexican food.
The fiesta was great thanks to everyone that came.