Friday, July 27, 2012

Snow Shack

There is a cute little snow shack less than half a mile away from our house that we have loved to visit this summer. We've been walking there a lot at nights which is so nice to enjoy together complete with all the usual stops.
We have to stop at the water mill and tiny stream every single time
And walk along the trail to make sure we don't fall into the hot lava (grass)

And there is usually a large stick that is found either on the way there or back
And finally when we get there, we get to pick from one of coolest menus we have ever seen.
Of course Luke and Oliver had to get the hulk

and it was Thor hands down for me....although I have to admit that the Hulk tasted better.

And the very best parts about this place it that a {good sized super syrupy} snowcone only cost $1.00 AND you get a punch card.
   I just love summer nights with my family and refreshing treat.