Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chore Chart

We have a chore chart for Oliver that we have found to be very helpful. Basically on the chart, it breaks everything down from the chore he is suppose to do to the day he is suppose to do it on, but that was too specific for our liking so we just listed some things that are expected of Oliver. Every night we would go over the day to see how many stars he had earned. This has been so helpful especially when it came to taking showers, saying prayers and putting his clothes and toys away. Ever since we have started the chore chart, Oliver has been behaving so much better (not that we had big problems in the past). This past weekend, Oliver filled all 64 boxes and was rewarded his promised five dollar bill. He was so happy and quite frankly, so were we. He said that he can't wait to get more money so that he can buy a new Skylanders toy. Only 64 more boxes to go, buddy.