Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Dental Nightmare

Remember how I told you that we had an awesome St. P dinner? Yeah well I didn't mention that earlier that day I started to get a slight tooth ache...slight. Later that night as I was eating my delicious dinner, I bit down on a soft potato and ZING, I felt pain in that same tooth. I decided not to do or say anything about it thinking that I was just being a wuss about {probably} nothing. I went to bed just fine that night, but in the morning, it felt worse. I sat at work feeling like crap and decided to call the dentist. Lucky for me they could see me right away.
{side note-I called the dentist yesterday morning before any of this nonsense happened to schedule my check up. How coincidental that I get a toothache later that day}
The dentist said that everything looked fine and that he wasn't sure what was going on. The pain that I was feeling was in a tooth that had already had a root canal so he had to refer me to an Endodontic Dentist to have a closer look. Lucky for me {again} they could see me right away. After some closer x-rays, The Dentist was able to find an infection just below my root. He told me that surgery through the side of my gums and into my root was the best way to drill it out. So, {to make a long story short} I did the surgery and it was horrible. I wasn't numbed enough and they had to keep numbing the area and the drilling into my jaw was just awful. After 30 minutes while they were stitching me up I started to get super dizzy. The whole room was spinning and my eyes felt as though they were shaking like mad. They had to put me on oxygen and wait for about 15 minutes before they finally let me go.
I was out for 2 days. It was worse than when I got my wisdom teeth out even with the dry socket. For 2 days I laid in bed taking drugs, getting sick off the drugs and icing.
Pic 1 Dentist Pic 2 Endotontic Dentist Pic 3 Home
I now feel as though I am on the mend and only have to take 1 pain pill a day. My stitches are about to come out any day now and the swelling is gone. When I laugh real hard or even sneeze, I still feel like I have to hold my face together, but like I said, things are on the mend. Here is to hoping I don't have any more mouth surgeries...ever.