Monday, March 11, 2013

Week Review

A lot happened this past week, but I wasn't able to take a picture of every single thing. Anyhow, here is a re-cap our our week 3/4-3/10 (my weeks run from Monday to Sunday)
We had a few friends over for some dinner and ping pong. It was a lot of fun to just hang out and talk and eat good food. I wish I would have taken a picture of  it.
Nothing really happened on Tuesday except that Wreck-it Ralph came out. We went to see this movie with Oliver on New Years day and we loved it, so Oliver was very excited when I surprised him with this movie today. Best part was that as I grabbed the movie, a lady turned to me and asked if I wanted a coupon for it. Of course I did, so she handed me this 7 dollar off coupon. So awesome when you buy a blu ray for only $12.99 and when others spread the love. Thank you stranger.
Luke's cousin was having a Mac/Hot Mess make-up party at her place and Amy, Brooke, Jenny and me went together. Some of us had our make-up done and others just shopped around. In the end we all bought some fun make-up and had a great time. Before heading home we grabbed a bite to eat at The Training Table. It was fun spending a night out with the Jensen's and looking fabulous...or like a trannie...
Grandma Holly night is really the best night of the week. She is so nice to take all the grand kids once a week for a few hours and not only watch them, but feed them and make crafts and play with them. The best! Since the parents are kid less, we take advantage of this night and occasionally go out together. (sadly, Cade and Em already had plans) This night, Trent, Amy, Luke and Me went to dinner together. We headed to a new place that Amy had recently eaten at, Melty Way. It was great and following dinner and some ice cream, we headed back to watch Argo before all the kids got home. It was perfect.
I had a visitor today at work. Oliver came to hang out for a little while. I think he loved it as much as I loved having him. He drew on the board for a little while. He drew our family, Wolverine and Jesus(not pictured), but he had some super awesome long hair. We ate M&M's and he ran down the hall ways with Izz. After my work got out, we headed over to the salon so that I could get a hair cut. I needed to go shorter and I was very pleased with the results. Loved it more this way than the first way I cut it. Oliver did very good while I got my hair done and he ended up falling asleep on the couch. That night we watched another movie and hung out.   

I woke up early Saturday morning and lounged around. Oliver came into our room and asked to snuggle and watch cartoons. I got a phone call from Amy shortly after letting me know that she was on her way down so that we could go running together. 9 miles later we were done and it felt so awesome. We treated ourselves (and husbands) to some Kevas and cinnamon burst bread. It was the best recovery meal and tasted so good. 

 While we were running, Luke started tearing out the other bathroom so that we could start remodeling it. It was so great to walk in to find a torn out bathroom. Seriously, can't wait to have a brand new tub.
Woke up early because of daylight savings to make it to 9 o'clock church. Napped after church. Had dinner with the Veigel side and capped off the night with a little Walking Dead. A Sunday at its best.
It was great having a weekend of watching movies, hanging out and not having anything major to do.  
This coming week is going to be busy busy and already can't wait.